Top 30 Best KyuSung Moments

-written in summer 2012-

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This is a recommendation list, and I ranked the moments according to my own preferences with the help of Happynougat. I’m sorry if you disagree with this, but I had to make it to show to the new shippers that their moments are spread over six years, and that there is a good reason to ship this pairing. Because I know that some people are still like “wtf” when it comes to KyuSung. It’s also based on significance.

#30 Doremi (april 2012) : The famous moment at almost every SS4, started in january 2012. They chase each other, they fight like little kids. My favorite is this one, probably because their hands touched…a lot.

#29 Yesung and his pink glasses (march 2011) : A short moment during SS3. I don’t know exactly what Kyuhyun was doing, but it’s still wonderful, especially because Yesung once posted a picture of this moment on Twitter.

#28 KRY press conference (february 2011) : They looked so close and Kyuhyun even touched Yesung’s thigh omg

#27 Let’s Go Dream Team (june 2010) : If I’m not wrong, Kyuhyun came back from his ear surgery, and I don’t know, Yesung looked so caring when he touched his face like that. Not to mention that this picture is so beautiful.

#26 The apple (november 2011) : When Steve Jobs fed Chucky during SS4 Seoul. And since then, Yesung craves for Kyuhyun’s apples. Almost everytime.

#25 Secret moment (april 2012) : During Feels Good, SS4 Shanghai (I think). Just look at this. I noticed they like to hold hands randomly, but I mean…that’s the most hidden moment ever o_o

#24 The towel (may 2012) : Yesung taking care of Kyuhyun, what an adorable sight.

#23 KRY concerts in Seoul (february 2011) : I don’t know what was the most precious thing : Yesung taking off confetti from Kyuhyun’s hair, or seeing them bursting into laughter together like two idiots.

#22 An unexpected backhug (may 2011) : SS3 Vietnam, during You & I. That was just cute.

#21 King’s Brunch (may 2012) : I guess everyone already knows this. Yesung looks tired, maybe a bit annoyed at first, but he can’t help smiling at the end. And Kyuhyun is so cute with him. That’s ticklish!Yesung vs teasing!Kyu \o/

#20 Hands (october 2009) : I don’t know why but I love this picture. Their different-sized hands always entertain me xD

#19 The Muzit (august 2010) : So many things happened this day. A birthday song, a lot of facts, and a cute picture of KRY posted by Yesung on Twitter.

#18 1000 Song Challenge (august 2011) : This show was full of stares and whispers. And this. That was so lovely.

#17 Kyuhyun’s birthday (february 2012) : Another proof of Yesung’s caring behaviour towards the maknae. When all the other members were bullying Kyuhyun,  pushing his face in the cake and throwing water, Yesung was just standing apart, and even gave him a towel.

#16 Kiss The Radio (august 2011) : They were really close. Just watch this video. Did you see the failed heart ? The little fight ? The hug ? The whispers ? All the other moments ? They’re so cute together.

#15 All My Heart (march 2011) : Two moments during this song (SS3). They held hands, and Kyuhyun tickled/almost backhugged Yesung. How cute is that. This is actually one of my favorite KyuSung pics ♥

#14 Disco Drive (january 2010) : Started in 2009. This is a cute moment we can see in some SS2, and I loved this one. Yesung used to hug him tightly and touch his torso during Kyuhyun’s last line in Disco Drive : “In no time at all, you’ll be in my embrace”.

#13 Destiny (march 2012) : SS4 Macau. One of the most beautiful picture. I don’t know why, but I really liked this moment.

#12 Another secret moment (august 2011) : The cutest scene I’ve ever seen. OMG.

#11 Their first selca (november 2011) : Unforgettable. That’s not really their first selca (look at this), but that’s the first they shared. And I have to add, that was the first time Yesung put a heart in his tweet. He even put two hearts. Haha.

#10 Shin PD (july 2010) : The whole show is full of KyuSung. Actually, that’s how I realized I shipped this pairing : when I saw them laughing like two idiots (again), and I thought “why are they so perfect together ;~;”. You can notice where Yesung places his hand…

#9 The birth of “YeKyu” (august 2006) : When they went to Japan in 2006, Kyuhyun and Yesung were paired up to play a game, against Eunhyuk and Donghae. Shindong called their team “YeKyu”.

#8 Snow White (february 2011) : Nothing to say, except that I just loved this episode of SJ Foresight. Watch the video, and you’ll understand.

#7 It Has To Be You (august 2011) : A KyuSung duet of this song was my biggest dream. I think.

#6 The famous picture (december 2006) : It’s really important for me, because it was the first KyuSung picture I saved on my computer. And the more I look at it, the more I find it flawless.

#5 Holding hands again (january 2012) : A simple but precious moment.

#4 The Night Chicago Died (march 2009) : Started in 2008, during SS1. They did that everytime. Hugging. And in the course of time, their hugs became longer. Until the last one, which reached 23 seconds.

#3 Yesung’s first day at M4U (september 2006) : Kyuhyun called to congratulate him, but the connection sucked. He kept calling, imitating Ryeowook’s voice (yes, it’s really Kyuhyun, he explained it two days later). And finally, he succeeded. His message was precious, and Yesung’s reply as well. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS CUT.

#2 Yesung’s message (april 2007) : He recorded it the day after the accident. That’s just…touching. It’s sad, but so beautiful at the same time. Look at the things he said…it made me realize a lot of important things about this pairing, about SJ, and about life in general. That’s exactly why I ship this.

#1 FLY (april 2011) : Kyuhyun involved in a minor car accident…remember ? Just before the filming of FLY in 2011. I was really scared, actually. But those pictures warmed my heart. Yesung is such a caring hyungDo you see it ? Do you see how he loves Kyuhyun ? And the thing is, when you remember the first car accident in 2007 and Yesung’s message, you can’t help but find it even meaningful.

I know I forgot a lot of important KyuSung moments. But I just listed my favorite ones :D
If you have any question about it, feel free to ask ~